Fourth Shoot: March 11th

Our third day of shooting started at Lexington, where we met Maria, the Flame band manager, for her interview. We’d been conducting interviews with Maria sitting on the side for days now, and I we were all excited to hear her side of the story. The challenging thing with our subjects was that there were different levels of speech ability, so we also thought it was going to be incredibly helpful for Maria to kind of fill in the gaps. She did exactly that, giving us indispensible background information that we couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. She also invited us to come back later in the day to sit in on a meeting for Scott, a vocalist in Flame. Throughout the trip, Maria was amazing at getting us into places we never would’ve thought we could’ve gotten into- member’s houses, meetings, private sessions. I really felt like Maria trusted us with the information we were being given, and that felt great to know. While at Lexington in the morning, we also interviewed George, the musical coordinator for Flame.

Then we went to lead singer Michelle’s house. Michelle lives in a downstairs apartment, while her mother lives upstairs. This joint interview with Michelle and her mother was my absolute favorite interview we conducted all weekend. Mary, Michelle’s mother was hilarious and such a character. She had done so much for Michelle and was so proud of her daughter and all she’s accomplished. It was also really great to see Michelle in her natural surroundings. She played us “Brown Eyed Girl” on guitar and then excitedly showed us her room with all her posters and pictures. This was a side of Michelle that we hadn’t really seen before. In her interviews, she’s in a position that in uncomfortable for her- being subjected to questioning. However, when she’s in her own element and not feeling pressured, she can be much more talkative and open.

Driving away from Gloversville, I felt really proud of the footage we got. We met some amazing people with incredible talent and the entire experience opened my eyes to the fulfilling lives people with abilities can have.


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