Finding the right way to tell this story

After weeks of meeting, going through footage, and assembling rough cuts (and getting wonderfully important feedback from our classmates and professor) in today’s group meeting we collectively decided to go with a totally new script for our documentary. The photos here are the results of our furious scribbling as we tried to weave our key interviews into a story that was both powerful and clear. This is from an excerpt in our production book that reflects on the process of finding the right way to tell Flame’s story.

“As we began our project, we transcribed the main interviews we wanted to use in our film, picking out quotes that spoke to our initial conception of how our film would be presented: in vignettes about the band’s members. The initial paper edits reveal that process. But we, very late in the game, realized that the vignettes of individual members of the band meant that the story of Flame was being lost or diluted overall. In fact, with so many different stories going on, we became concerned that there was no clear story at all. This realization came from the feedback from our classmates and professor. There was little tension in the film that would get an audience to be invested in their struggle or in the band’s story or importance, since in our rough cuts we began with their successes and their practices, their concerts and travel, but did not build up to that moment as a story arc or climax that illustrated the band’s perseverance. So we totally scraped the vignette idea and had to rework the story line for the final cut.”



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