Editing Life Away …

After we packed the cameras up at the end of March, I thought for sure the hardest part of the documentary process was over. I could not have been more wrong!

For the past month we have been editing life away. For one, I have dedicated a large portion of my free time to sitting in a gray-walled editing suite cutting clips, fading audio and shifting things around and around and around. So, my own personal life has been consumed by editing.

As I watched our hours of interviews get cut down to short, consumable sub-clips, I realized that the post-production process also forces you to edit away the lives of those you’re featuring; a tough task. Not only did we build relationships with those in the band, but we also fell in love with certain things they said or small, subtle moments that we captured for just an instant. Choosing the best moments has forced us to eliminate some incredible ones for the sake of time and for the sake of a story.

I thought for sure that the time constraint would be our biggest challenge, but it has turned out that developing a cohesive and engaging story narrative is by far the most difficult aspect of editing. We have now edited 3 different rough cuts. We struggle with how to tell the story of the collective band while using the amazing footage we have of the stories of individuals. It’s really all about finding that one thread to keep the whole thing tied together. There are countless ways to tell Flame’s story, and it’s quite the challenge searching for the best way possible.

It’s currently 3am…I just edited for 8 hours and I’ll wake up soon to do it again!

Nine days until the screening!



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